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GrowStack Technologies (GST) is both a notable Vertical farming and controlled environment agricultural consultancy company, as well as designers and manufacturers of the GrowStack S5 and GST-6 mobile grow units and additionally, specialises in the building of small and medium sized vertical farms that are tailored to maximise efficiency and yield.

The S5 and GST-6 grow mobiles are proven stand-alone growing “cartridges” which can easily be utilised in retail, restaurant, and educational facilities, etc., as well as combining to create larger commercial vertical farms. They can also serve as an accessible entry level point into the CEA or vertical farming market arena.


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Biotechnology at your service

Over 90 years of experience

Collectively exhibiting over 90 years of horticultural and vertical farming experience between us. Our aim is to create an optimal growing environment by designing farms which have dimensions that are in keeping with the physical space available to our customers and within the constraints of an agreed budget and timeframe. Particular attention is paid to ensuring a clean environment to reduce the potential for bacterial contamination.

Our dedicated team are here to help you from initial consultations to custom designs and installations, vertical farm improvements and expansions, project management, engineering and technology, installation, and commissioning, through to onsite training and establishing planned maintenance programmes.

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Adapting to future conditions

Some things are certain

In this ever-changing environment with depleting natural and land resources, pandemic challenges, global population expansion, and ever greater concerns for food security, vertical farming offers hope for the future.

From the seed of an idea through to germination, GrowStack Technologies offer support and assistance through to completion and realisation. 

Selecting and managing an optimum system to produce high yielding healthy and nutritious produce is vital. You can be certain that this is where the consultation team at GrowStack Technologies can offer wide ranging and industry acknowledged advice, assistance, and practical solutions.

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Our Success Archive

Some of the GrowStack Technologies team’s successful projects include:


Growing Underground

Designed and built by GrowStack.

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Stockbridge Technology Centre

Commercial scale, multi-level vertical farm built.

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Liberty Produce

A 3x container growing unit - each one with a different vertical growing system.

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Space 10 (IKEA)

Creation of a pop-up restaurant – visually creative environment.

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Why Choose Us

Reasons why our clients and customers opt for GrowStack Technologies.

Bespoke Solutions

Precision in design along with the supply of customised vertical farming systems produced to maximise efficiency and optimise yields.

Diverse Customer Base

Our clients derive from a range of industries & sectors, including agricultural, horticultural, farming, digital solutions, and hospitality.

Added Value

Going beyond just simply designing and supplying our systems, we provide invaluable vertical farming systems consultancy and advisory services borne out of 90 years’ collective experience.

Sector Experts

Strong management team possessing critical expertise from within horticulture, agronomy, engineering, and systems design fields, necessary for helping deliver optimal vertical farming solutions.

Centre of Excellence

Experienced across all aspects of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), we possess formidable hydroponic and aeroponic systems expertise and more. We are innovators and problem solvers.

Post-Sales Support

A core function to our business and overall customer service, we monitor and manage risk and provide the necessary maintenance required for your systems solution.

Designing and building farms for the future today.
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Our Partners

GrowStack Technologies is pleased to be working closely with a variety of organisations which range from material JV collaborators to other notable strategic, business partners.


Just some of the wonderful feedback on why GrowStack Technologies should be your choice of Vertical Farming Consultancy firms.

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