Meet the Team

Our management team includes experts in various fields that are integral to the successful delivery and optimisation of a vertical farm.

Chris Nelson Director

Chris, an experienced Horticulturist and Agronomist has a wealth of experience and proven successes gained over 40 years.

Proven management skills demonstrated on an international stage, inclusive of growing in challenging conditions and utilising state-of-the-art technology to deliver customer expectations. He has proven management skills, a consistent record of success over multiple projects and possesses exceptional crop knowledge.

Chris has vast experience of designing and building hydroponic units on a global basis and he was a fundamental part of the team designing as part of the Growing Underground Multilevel system.

With experience in Food Safety, Hygiene standards and a consultant in growing systems and crop husbandry as well as technical standards for food industry and supermarkets, Chris’s specialist hydroponic, LED, crop growing. and project management experience is invaluable in any CEA / Vertical Farming project.

Tim Coats Director

Tim’s 20-year experience comes from background is as an experienced qualified Industrial and Horticultural electrical engineer specialising in interface control systems and irrigation systems for Industrial, Horticultural, and farming applications.

Tim has taken a particular interest in LED grow lights over the past 10 years and has built a number of complete growing systems inclusive of the full growing systems for the successful Growing Underground vertical farm. Tim continues to work closely with several top LED lighting manufacturers and is very experienced at understanding the best lighting system to suit any number of growing applications.

Other projects Tim and his company have worked with include:- The Chelsea Flower Show installation of a vertical growing unit on the IKEA stand, designing and building testing farms for Stockbridge Technology Centre, Bio Pesticide Glasshouse project, and Anglia Salads, amongst many others.

Sean Molloy Director

Sean has over 30 years’ experience in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering gained within a diverse range of industries which include oil and gas, edible oils, chemical production, bespoke manufacturing, and horticultural industries.

Sean’s background is in Engineering Management and Mechanical Design, plus ownership of MES Ltd who are involved in the design and construction of electrical control panels and mechanical design for industrial and horticultural sites. Sean’s skillset also includes Plant layouts, Piping & Instrument Diagrams, process design, 2D and 3D drafting, as well as Engineering and Project management.

Within Sean’s remit, he has experience also of both mechanical and electrical manufacture and was responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of the Growing Underground project working alongside Tim and Chris. Other projects which they have worked on together include Liberty Produce and Space 10 where GrowStack vertical farming units were installed into a pop-up restaurant.

With our recent JV Collaboration agreement with Green Build Systems Ltd, UK, the team at GrowStack Technologies now have a further number of skillsets and experience upon which they can now call upon.

These include:

  • Aeroponics specialist
  • Plant Scientists
  • Life Sciences
  • Cultivation Specialists
  • Renewable Energy Systems, amongst others

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