The GrowStack S5 and GST-6 Mobile Grow Units

All versatile GrowStack “S” range mobile grow units can operate as a standalone unit or can be arranged to become a much larger commercial vertical farm. The mobile nature of the units allows them to be moved in and out of sales areas as and when required.  

Introducing our latest addition...

The GrowStack Technologies GST-6 Mobile Grow Unit

The new GST-6 can be either completely enclosed or, as per the S5 unit, open chassis.

The fully enclosed unit can be stand-alone and is ideal for hospitality, retail, or research environments, etc.

The GST-6 has an integrated built-in automated nutrient dosing system.

The GST-6 can be delivered complete with an LED lighting system with customers options from GE, Valoya or from Vertically Urban.

The enclosed system has full environmental control and can be fitted with a multitude of sensors, such as:

  • Temperature of environment
  • Water Plants
  • Humidity
  • Air movement
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • CO2
  • Light Sensors

Other more specialist sensors are available as required.

The entire unit has unique software developed to control all aspects of the growing environment.

Both open and enclosed systems are complete with UV particle filter pumps.



The Mobile S5 GrowStack Vertical Growth Unit

The GrowStack S5 is an open chassis stainless steel framed mobile unit with three levels, controlled from a touchpad to deliver water to each level with no nutrients.

The S5 unit is capable of handling different lighting systems but comes as standard with a Valoya AP673L spectrum which is designed for strong vegetative growth. The unit has unique movable grow tray/lighting cassettes allowing for variable lighting height.


1. Touchscreen HMI Control

Allows 3 independent lighting programs and up to 4 irrigation cycles per day, all on a real-time clock.

2. Lighting options

Cassettes can be fitted with the L series tubes or the C series dimmable bar lamps. We are currently testing a phone app which can be used to dim the lights remotely via Bluetooth.

3. Lighting cassette and grow trays

Moveable, allowing for variable lighting height . The unit can support up to 3 levels of Valoya lights, giving AP67, AP673L, G2, NS12 and Architectural spectrums.

4. Irrigation cassette

Can link with up to three ebb/flood benches. Fitted with a particle and UV filter unit and a variable flowrate pump.

Non-bespoke practical mobile units

The robust and versatile, fully stainless-steel prototype Mobile grow unit was originally designed and developed by the GrowStack team for the University of York for both educational and research purposes, and the modular design makes it more than suitable for a multitude of applications.

This unit became the first of 7 LED-lit grow units to fill a room with the design whilst also having the benefit of reducing energy costs by 50% per growing room.

The unit is self-contained and also has unique movable grow tray/lighting cassettes which allow for variable lighting height.

The mobile units have created much commercial interest domestically and overseas along with our larger scale multi-level unit – the latter being similar to what we designed and installed in the Growing Underground project.


Larger Multi-Level GrowStack Vertical Farm Units

Non-bespoke practical mobile units

The Multi-level GrowStack Vertical farm unit is an ideal unit for commercial vertical farms with fully controllable systems and a mobile design. It is relatively straightforward for our team to plan a farm design and layout to meet your requirements.

These units offer not only a practical solution for commercial farming projects, but they provide excellent salads, microgreens, herbs, leafy greens, and fruits. Nutritious and bursting with flavour with no seasonality issues, regardless of climatic and weather conditions all year round, such solutions help reduce carbon footprint and help save around 95% water usage in comparison with traditional growing methods.

Because the units are multi-level, they can be tailored to maximise growing capacity within a defined growing area.

Maximum yields from minimum inputs. 

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