CEA, design, installation, and other services

The team at GrowStack Technologies are experienced in every aspect of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) consultancy inclusive of considerable hydroponic system expertise, plus the ability now to also call upon aeroponic and hybrid system expertise from within the larger collaborative team. The purpose of the consultancy practice and the services offered is simply to help clients meet their own unique requirements by matching their needs to the most suitable solutions, or even just to help solve an existing problem.

A variety of consultative projects

There are any number of reasons why the team at GrowStack Technologies are retained.

Examples may include:

  • The development of an idea and the fulfilment of the solution.
  • Setting up, designing, and installing a complete turnkey project regardless of complexity.
  • Conducting technical and feasibility studies.
  • Crop development and anticipated production volumes
  • Improving energy costs, water consumption, and/or green footprint.
  • Optimising plant yields and plant health.
  • Education and training within vertical farming environments.
  • Conducting seed/plant trial for specific plant types or specific industries (e.g. healthcare, etc).
  • Redesigning or updating technical equipment in existing farms.
  • Management of irrigation/drainage/dosing systems, HVAC, etc.
  • Advising on lighting systems and spectrum.
  • Hardware and cultivation innovation.
  • Project management.
  • Design and installation of state-of-the-art systems.

Our Design Capability

We have an in house design and engineering team with experience in vertical farming design. Our designs are produced in 2D CAD and 3D to show our clients how areas of the farm with look like in rendered format if required.

Our Technology

We understand farming. We have a wealth of experience spanning 40 years in both Agronomy and Engineering. The two elements combined provide us with expertise to empower the design process and provide state of the art systems for our clients.

Our expertise includes:

  • Agronomy & Horticultural knowledge
  • Engineering designs in 2D and 3D
  • Irrigation systems
  • HVAC
  • Grow techniques in Ebb & Flood, NFT and Aeroponics
  • LED lighting technology
  • Lighting recipe creations
  • Control system set up and programming of PLC control

Our Engineering Skillset

Our team has advanced engineering skills. We have system know-how and expertise to design and deliver turn key solutions to the revolutionary indoor growing marketplace. Knowledge is key but our vast track record is also in building and delivering a full system. We offer post install support and training in both the engineering of equipment but also the bio science of horticulture.

Our Horticultural Expertise

GrowStack Ltd Consultancy provides our clients with innovative designs and builds. We are specialists in creating vertical farms that fit the challenges, environments and situations that our clients task us with.

Our horticulturist has over 40 years growing experience, growing in extreme conditions, and is a specialist in hydroponic systems growing many different crops including micro herbs, micro greens, baby leaf, salads, vegetables and fruit. When growing in a totally controlled environment, hygiene is paramount and we understand the importance of controlling and delivering produce to the highest hygiene standards. We can design and implement the systems required to create a hygienic environment to grow food and to collect all the data necessary to meet modern food security and food safety standards demanded by consumers.

Installation & Commissioning

Our team of engineers are on hand to work with you iteratively. We provide an installation service and commissioning to get your install up and running on time. Our post install training process with provide you with the knowledge to make your investment work seamlessly to get you on the road to return on investment as quick as possible.

Project Management

Project management is paramount ot the delivery of a successful vertical farm. Our supply chain and partnerships allow us to bring together all the key components to get you up and running in a professional manner. Our team will work with you hand in hand to deliver our product to your project requirement. Our specialist engineers are experts in solving the mechanical and electrical challenges that many unusual sites demand. They will design and build HVAC systems that fit each individual project, to deliver the needs of the plants and the customer. As a team we design and implement specialist hydroponic growing systems that are specific to the location, environment and crops to be grown. But our biggest advantage is that once we are working with a client we do not just build and walk away—we want your project and business to be a success so we offer additional support and after sales/build advice to make sure your venture has every chance to succeed.


R&D plant trials and specialist industry tests

Utilising our R&D farms in Yorkshire, we can conduct trials in plant growth along with full trials on plant types under measurable specific conditions for our clients.

Development of specific farms for specific industries or plant types

Clients may be seeking a niche market and require trials of, for example, specialised pharmaceutical plants or perhaps saltwater Samphire. Many plants and herbs today are regarded as effective in the treatment of certain diseases or ailments, or plants may be fed on specific nutrients to produce Biofortified vegetables.

Setting and managing service agreements or planned maintenance contracts

Clients can concentrate on spending their time and energy on cultivation whilst the team at GrowStack Technologies visit, assess, and establish a servicing schedule and planned maintenance contract so that we take control of keeping you running and checking over your farm’s technical equipment.

Our Clientele

We have a range of clients across a number of industries, in particular within the agricultural, horticultural, and hospitality sectors.

The biggest demand for our services comes from farmers that are looking to diversify not only their crops, but also the methodology by which they produce or cultivate them.

The typical client journey tends to follow a similar path, as follows:

Client registers interest with us.

We contact the client and undertake a fact find to determine their needs.

Our in-house design and engineering team produce 2D CAD and 3D designs in a rendered format to show our client how the farm will look.

After client feedback to fine tune the designs, we provide a formal quotation to the client for the supply of the system.

When the client decides to proceed, we then procure the materials necessary to manufacture the farm system.

Our team of engineers install the system in accordance with the agreed specification and timeframes.

We provide ongoing technical support, consultancy, and procurement services to facilitate the success of our client's project.

Designing and building farms for the future today.
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Our Partners

GrowStack Technologies is pleased to be working closely with a variety of organisations which range from material JV collaborators to other notable strategic, business partners.