Further to the company’s progress and development throughout its journey up until today, we are pleased and excited to be trading under our new and improved brand, GrowStack Technologies Ltd (as of 31 Aug 2021 – formerly known as GrowStack Ltd).

Our roots

Transitioning from our original roots as GrowStack Ltd in August 2021, the company originally came together in 2016 when as individuals, we all worked on major Vertical Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) projects, and quite often, together on the same project. For example, we have worked closely on designing and building “Growing Underground” a largescale bespoke and at the time, unique, vertical farm deep underground in London.

It was clear to us all that the world was recognising that vertically farming was rapidly being recognised as potentially vital in a world where food security was becoming an issue, where natural resources were becoming scarce, where population explosions were outstripping our ability to feed ourselves, and where, environmentally, we had to stop the carbon wastage of unnecessary food miles.

Making a collective difference

Individually we could make a difference. But collectively, utilising our individual expertise coupled with our overall experience of some 90 years could be developed to make a significant difference.

We have now designed, project-managed, built, and operated a number of notable vertical hydroponic farms / Agritech solutions see Our Projects from R&D scale to large commercial units, and have an enviable reputation in the design and development of bespoke solutions as well as the development of the mobile and versatile “GrowStack” systems.

JV Collaborations

Linked to our recently agreed Joint Venture collaboration with Green Build Systems (GBS) which not only brings us a wider span of expertise to call upon, plus increased secure facilities, laboratories, research and development facilities, mobile buildings manufactured to house our farms, and fully renewable energy systems expertise, we renamed ourselves GrowStack Technologies to better reflect our increased capabilities.

We continue to apply innovation where required to reflect and respond to ever changing global challenges. With our recent collaboration and work with universities, research companies and technology associates, we continue to be involved in new ground-breaking solutions to deal with these challenges.  


GrowStack Technologies - Where growing “up” is easy.